Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life at the heart of the issue

LOS Angeles. After attending the World Meeting of Families, I was privileged to attend the 36th Annual March for Life at Washington DC. There were a hundred thousand or more in the midst of the very chilly weather. And of course, Filipino-Americans were there.

Travelling from San Diego on Wednesday night, January 21st, 10:45 pm, I spent the night in the plane. Arriving the next day, 8:00 am at the DC, I was met by Atty. Joseph Cosby, an American lawyer who forms part of the Filipino Family Fund.
With only two hours of rest, we went to the DC downtown area, where to my amazement, people were already congregating. And what is more amazing was the great number of youth who were there. The feeling was thrilling and encouraging.

Mothers with their children. Fathers with their sons and daughters. Priests with their parishioners. Religious nuns with their communities.

The March was not moving for two hours, and a joke went around that it should be renamed Stand-up for Life rather than March for Life. There was a group of Latinos who started singing and playing their musical instruments, and the people gladly swayed in harmony with their music.

Some even handed me some food and drinks, and hand and feet warmers (those little things that you hold onto and it keeps you warm)...It reminded me so much of EDSA.

The March finally moved albeit slowly then finally at a fast pace. Unfortunately, we did not reach the US Supreme Court, the place of culmination for the rally, since it was already filled with people.

Abortion hurts women, many placards showed. We choose life, others displayed. Babies are life not a choice.

The International Pilgrim Virgin Statue (IPVS) of Our Lady of Fatima was also there. But with the vast crowd, I wasn't even able to get close. But anyway, I'll be catching up with her at the LA airport in coming back to the Philippines.

After the March for Life, we proceeded to the Reception in a nearby hotel for the Filipino-American Pro-lifers organized by the Filipino Family Fund. Some US Congressmen were also in attendance.

I was asked to speak briefly on the Philippine situation, and I just hope I was able to present them of the current situation in our country.

Early the next day, I proceeded to San Francisco where I had a scheduled Mass and talk to a Filipino community. Saturday, January 24, I was to have a city tour of the area. And lo and behold, our vehicle could not move. It was their March for Life!
From one March for Life in the one coast of the US to another March for Life at the other coast. And same sight! Many young people. The two branches of the Couples for Christ were also there.

I begin to see hope in this country, many young people─even according to their own surveys─are more pro-life than the adults. We just have to wait. The youth is indeed our hope.

In a couple of hours, I'll be returning to our country, with hope and encouragement. No matter what the US government might do, its people are slowly returning to God. I just hope and pray, our own people would not commit the same mistakes they did.

May Our Lady protect us! Ave Maria!

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