Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 6th World Meeting of Families

MEXICO CITY. Under the watchful eyes of Our Lady, the 6th World Meeting of Families is about to conclude. Although the Holy Father was unable to be physically present, he sent his Papal Legate, Cardinal Bertone to represent him. And thanks to technology, at the end of the recitation of the Holy Rosary Saturday night (January 17) at the esplanade of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Holy Father transmitted by video his Papal Message.

It is quite ironic, by the way, that here in Mexico where Our Lady appeared as a Pregnant Mother, abortion is legal and has recently been even more amplified.

There were testimonies of family members, professionals, and theologians on the shadows and lights facing the families around the world. One of my favorite ones is the study about the direct correlation between the family's eating meals together and the strengthening of family ties and growth of virtues among the children. Well, may the Servant of God, Fr. Patrick Peyton forgive me, the study shows the family that eats together stays together.

Our own Bishop Soc Villegas presented a very inspiring talk on the situation of the family in the Asian continent. Among other beautiful things, he mentioned that the Holy Family lived in Asia and hence, our particular attachment to the family. He also noted the Asian people's natural tendency to contemplation, to silence, and to dialogue. Our inclination to communion strengthens our being family. He noted as well the shadows facing the family in Asia such as the adoption of certain Western attitude that leads to rebuke of authority.

Bro. Frank and Sis. Gerry Padilla of the Couples for Christ Foundation also shared their thoughts and experiences in an ecclesial movement in strengthening family ties and values.

The concluding Mass will be at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We spent some calmer moments inside the Basilica to behold and pray before the miraculous image of Our Lady. I could not explain the utter joy and so many other emotions beholding Her.

We took advantage of the time to pray the Rosary silently to thank Her and beg Her to safeguard our country from many anti-family and anti-life forces.

Ave Maria!

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