Monday, June 23, 2008

Calling all families!

Today in the world where life is born There's a struggle that is fought To be welcomed, to be cared, to be at home.

ONE of our seminarians was telling me just some minutes ago how the other day he happened to pass by a child sleeping by the roadside. He then decided to give the child the cookies that he just bought. The child's reaction was simply surprising, for the child asked the seminarian, Ikaw ba si Hesus? (Are you Jesus?)

We've grown so used to seeing the poor around us, it has become a natural thing to simply pass them by. And we've been so used to having so many children around us, some have considered them now a burden!

Today when all life seems bought and used
There's a struggle to belong
To be free and to be a gift to everyone

Still remember the news item sometime ago when a group of Filipinas were arrested in Europe because of prostitution? And the news release further stated that when confronted by the police why they resorted to prostitution, their answer was that it was in order for them to send money back home to the Philippines. In most certain terms, prostitution will never be morally acceptable. What breaks our heart is that though noble our intentions may be, the end can never justify the means.
nd that brings us to the myth of overpopulation. That we are poor because we are too many. Over population has already been debunked. And poverty can never be a reason for us to justify any resort to immoral means, and that includes, artificial means of contraception.

Forty years ago, 25 July 1968, the Holy Father, Paul VI, already prophetically mentioned the ensuing contraceptive mentality that will lead to disintegration of families, failure of marriages, and break down of moral standards. Forty years later, we find our world ever worsening in its moral outlook and our own country threatened by forces and movements working against family and life. We simply have to observe what is happening now, the Consolidated Bill in the House of Representatives on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood, Population Management; the various ordinances passed by the local government units such as in Olongapo City, Quezon City, Davao City, just to name a few.

We call all families Rise up and raise your hands as one Come show the world the love that binds
All God's children into one

Hence, we ask all our families to let your voice be heard. We cannot accept any legislation of immorality. Our leaders have to respect our Faith and moral beliefs. Join us at the RALLY FOR FAMILY AND LIFE on 25 July 2008, 3 to 6 pm, at the historic site of People Power at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace at EDSA.

Like the Holy Family with Jesus, Joseph, and Mary Home is where true love begins.
Love rejoices! Love embraces!

In this struggle to defend Family and Life, we cannot but be rooted in Christ through prayer and sacrifice. Our gathering at EDSA will not simply be a show of force, it is show, a manifestation of the power of Love, God's love for the Family and Life. God willing as well, after this activity, we may have stronger Family and Life Ministries in our arch/dioceses, and the Filipinos families more aware for the need to vigilant in the defense of Family and Life values.

May Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace, Queen of the Family, be with us and guide us in this struggle. Ave Maria! Ad Jesum per Mariam.

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